Friday, January 05, 2007

Proofreaders wanted

This caught my eye:

a DBX 903 compressor (part of DBX's 900 modular series-- a precursor to the API 500 standard) currently on eBay for $2,600, roughly 200% its resale value:

Now, obviously, this is a typo. Not because it's at the very least one zero too many, and not because there's another 903 on eBay for nearly 1/20 the price, but because the same store is selling a significantly more rare and impossibly cooler Lexicon 122 Digital Delay rack system (w/ a full compliment of modules) for $1000:

With that in mind, I feel safe to assume the same holds true for the two 905s they're selling as well. Perhaps they accept bridges as payment.



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