Friday, February 02, 2007

eBay pick of the day: Lomo shotgun mic

Lomo KMC 19-05

We've been thinking about doing some field recordings of late, and have been looking into shotgun microphones (AKG 451 CK-8s and CK-9s, especially) to capture bird's eye sounds from the roof. Today's "pick" is a happy accident- I was trolling around for 19A19 gear porn and found a 19-05 instead!

I'm confused as to why this, a Russian listing, would use an American dollar bill as reference-- did they go to a currency exchange for the prop?



Blogger kelly said...

I'm sorry this does not relate to the shotgun microphone. does it really look like a shotgun? what a clever disguise for a mic!

i thought the shamblers would be interested in this venue:

REPOST (i.e. don't contact me about this, go to the myspace address below).

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