Saturday, March 10, 2007

Why is everything good in Chicago?

Electrical Audio, Soma, Key Club... wait, who? The Keyclub Recording Company. That's where Sly Stone's infamous Flickinger console is hiding these days (pictured below). You know,the haunted one.

Apparently the fine folks over at Skibbe Electronics, also out of Chicago, are working on an outboard pre based on the console's channel design. Exciting! They're the company that makes the $1500 LA-2A clone.

Then there's Sytek. Their 4-channel preamp, used by everyone in the Windy City, it seems, sells for around $900, which is a great deal-- $100 less than two RNPs on a single power supply.

Look-- there's one on eBay right now for $750! I need a second job.



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