Friday, April 06, 2007

eBay pick of the day: this guy's stuff

Home studio peripherals

As I'd mentioned in the last post, and as you'll see in the photos tomorrow, we're moving things around in our little studio, and are looking to upgrade here and there in the meantime. Amazingly, we're in the market for everything this guy is selling: a remote, a recall mixer, monitor controls and a second computer screen. And, with only a day and change left, all of his auctions are still reasonably priced-- his 20" Cinema Display has a Buy It Now of $500; Apple's Buy It Now is $600.

On an unrelated note, did anyone see the new "Lunchbox" styled casings that Doepfer debuted at Messe?

Finally! A customizable guitar synth interface that doesn't involve hex pickups!



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