Monday, April 16, 2007

Great eBay phrasery, pt. 3

This might be a cheap shot--knocking the text and terms of an eBay listing from the Russian Federation-- but I can't help myself:

"Russian vintage RARE Electronic synthesizer FAEMI MINI 1960's years. For this long time the synthesizer was very well kept. The synthesizer has few surpluses."

OK, pretty funny, right? "1960's years"? "Surpluses"? But there's more:

  • "This synthesizer completely the worker."

  • "The synthesizer has a belt by means of which you can hang up a synthesizer on a neck."

  • "It is probably possible to connect to this synthesizer in addition acoustics, the amplifier or a microphone."

  • "Earlier such synthesizers used during Soviet times for different concerts."

  • "The synthesizer has a native cover."

  • And then there's this:

    "The synthesizer never opened. The synthesizer has a protective seal (in a photo)"

    Great! A non-Polivox, NOS Russian synth from the 60s with an elegant, novel keytar solution. And it's "completely the worker." Who wouldn't want this thing?

    Well, the auction does have a couple contradictory terms:

  • "FAEMI (produced at Kachkanar radio factory, 1979)"

  • So it isn't from the "1960's years"? And this gem:

  • "Due to continuous modification of the instruments described above, there may be some changes in their circuitry and design, which are not mentioned in the present description."

  • What does this mean? That (a) the model line varies from unit to unit, or (b) this particular synth has been modified in some way, nulling its "never been opened" claim, or (c) both?

    And there's the power supply (220v, Russian standard plug) and the shipping terms ("Shipping will be 90 .00 $," "delivery during 4-2 weeks") to deal with...

    Still, with all of that in mind, I can't stop myself from bidding on this thing. A 9v whiteface Russian Casio with selectable "drawbar" footing? In what looks like a binoculars case? Dude, yes.

    Be check out Viktor's other auctions! Russian radios, Russian cameras, Russian microphones, most all of them from the "1970 years"!



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