Monday, July 09, 2007

eBay pick of the day: Digitech PDS 800 pedal

Digitech PDS 800

I've been turned on by the Digitech PDS pedals ever since seeing the photo on the back of the first (and, as far as I know, only) Tren Brothers EP of Mick Turner's complete PDS collection, patched and arranged in a circle around his red semi-hollow Epiphone on a white shag carpet. As gear shots go, it's beautiful bordering on pornographic.

The only PDS pedal I've owned-- a perfectly bad sounding PDS 3000 -- was used on every Gary Carters record, right up until the power supply died, the input jack stopped passing signal and one of the two foot pedals (the "Hold" one) stopped doing anything. All of that, in reverse order, in about a two week span. While it was working, though, it was great and, if you're lucky enough to find one secondhand, don't flinch at the opportunity. You can hear my ill-fated Pedalverb on this version of "Walkin' With Jesus," as well as on pretty much anything the Carters' MySpace page has on it (the "One of a Kind" cover especially).

Anyway, that not withstanding, the PDS 800 is the pedal to get. It isn't the best named of the PDS line (that honor goes to the "Hot Box"), but it's the most useful. And, chances are, at one point or another, you've heard someone use an 800 and thought to yourself, "why doesn't my guitar sound like that?" (Ira's other trick, from what I understand: two Rats in a row)

Side note: there's another PDS 800 on eBay as well, so if you get outbid on this one (by me), you can always try, try again.

Finally, if you're looking for it, here's the manual.



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