Monday, December 31, 2007

Last minute 2007 lists

Favorite movies we've rented
Medium Cool
Midnight Madness
The Passenger
Coup de torchon
Talk Radio
The King of Comedy

Worst movie we rented
The Long Riders

Favorite entire seasons of TV we watched on DVD in marathon-format
Twin Peaks
Arrested Development
The Wire
30 Rock
The Office

Best shows on WFMU that are not "The Best Show on WFMU"
Music to Spazz By
The Dusty Show
Sinner's Crossroads
The Long Rally
Brian Turner's Show
anything where Toddophonic Todd guest DJs
Fool's Paradise
Teenage Wasteland
Downtown Soulville
DIY Or Die

Number One Shamblers Show from this past year
Jess: Knitting Factory - 12/17/07 or Goodbye Blue Monday - 8/24/07
Pete: Loft Party - 4/19/07
Ben: EDIT: Knitting Factory - 12/17/07

Shamblers releases in 2007
The Shamblers "First Album" CD-R
The Shamblers "New Year's Songs" lathe cut 7"
The Shamblers "First Year Music" 98-track MP3 CD

Happy new year!



Anonymous Benzo said...

Dudes, I tried to call you back today. It was definitely the Knitting Factory show. I had a quasi-migraine at the Bender's loft party.

11:25 PM  

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