Sunday, March 09, 2008

eBay pick of the day: the Pope's RCA BN-2A

An RCA BN-2A Radio Vaticana S.C.V. tube mixer

From the listing:

"This is one of the 15 mixers RCA BN-2A owned from the Vatican Radio from the beginning of the ’60 to the '80, that was used to transmit the Pope’s cerimonies from the St. Peter's cathedral, Basilica di San Pietro. This mean that through this mixer has passed the voice of 4 Popes, Pope Giovanni XXIII- Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli (1958-1963); Pope Paolo VI- Giovanni Battista Montini (1963-1978); Pope Giovanni Paolo I - Albino Luciani (1978) and Pope Giovanni Paolo II- Karol Wojtyla (1978-2005)."

Fifty grand and it's yours!



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