Monday, April 07, 2008

eBay pick of the day: Shure 516EQ

Shure 516EQ microphone

My love for gimmick microphones is no secret-- AKG DX-11s and Fender FR570s are regular eBay and pawn shop searches-- and so it thrilled me something awesome to find this gem: a 545, essentially, with BUILT IN GRAPHIC EQ! I bet it sounds amazing on one thing (not harmonica) and awful on everything else. I need this microphone, but a Buy It Now of $150 is a bit steep. I could get a decent dynamic mic (say, a Heil PR-20 or a Beyer 201) for that kind of dough.

That said, do any of you have a favorite piece of less-than-professional equipment that you either want to own or already have and use regularly? And how do you look at the mark-up for "cheap" gear-- does the inherent coolness and rarity of a thing (which you know isn't going to be a Neumann killer from the outset) warrant paying twice its actual value?



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