Thursday, August 14, 2008

555 Oscillator mod

I added a couple of mods to my 555 oscillator:

1. a volume knob
2. a switch that jumps from "standard" astable mode (see previous video) to "pseudo trigger" mode, in which pins 2 and 6 on the 555 are connected via a momentary switch-- pressing the switch completes the circuit.

The layout (according to the orientation in the photo above):

  • The jack on the top right is the power (up is on)
  • The pot to the left of that controls the frequency
  • The jack below the on/off switch is a control voltage input
  • The button below the CV input is the pseudo trigger
  • The switch to the left of that selects between astable and triggered astable modes
  • The pot below the switch is the volume control
  • The jack next to that is the output

    Here's a video demonstrating the mods in action (w/ a Frostwave Resonator):



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