Tuesday, September 16, 2008

eBay pick of the day: Kay Graphic Equalizer

Kay GE-5000 Graphic Equalizer

I've always been interested in guitar players who use equalizers in their pedal rigs because I've got a thing for snobs. People who need things just right or they're not playing tonight, man. No way. Those people fascinate me.

With that said, I've set aside an especially special place in my heart for people who use bad EQ pedals, because it's just a dumb move, and it's dumb in a really reckless way. A bad EQ can, at best, be hidden, like something you have to use on a dare, but are embarrassed about and just want the whole thing over with. They never help.

But, like using a 4-track when you have a computer in front of you, sometimes that limitation-- and more specifically that shittiness-- is exactly the thing you're looking for, and a bad EQ can take you there much faster than, say, a cheap Tubescreamer clone.

Not that there's anything wrong with cheap Tubescreamers. Everyone owns with one, and rightfully so! I think Danelectro makes one for about $30, and the TS5 we use can be had for even less. And sure, they work. But if you're going to be a jerk about it, and only have about $50 to fool with, get something like the Kay EQ listed above, especially if you've already got a bad overdrive or a bad delay. That way, you can tailor your sound generally, without having to worry about ever being called precious or, worse, yet, a snob. At the very least, you won't sound like one.

Also, bad EQs (any EQ, really, but if we're already talking about $50 ones, let's stay there) are great for sculpting feedback tones. Place the EQ at the end of your pedal chain, rest the guitar against the amp, turn it all the way up, and fade the frequency boosts in and out on the pedal as the pickups and the speaker cone send signals back at each other. Just a suggestion.



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