Friday, January 09, 2009

Starkey Hearing Science modular

Does anyone know anything about this machine?? Was it a hearing test tone generator? Was it a logic computer of some kind? How hard would it be to build? That sort of thing.

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Blogger nate said...

my seriously synth-head coworker says

I'm stumped! Never seen one of these before. It bears a resemblance to some early EML gear and also similar to some gear made by a company in Europe called BME, but neither of those uses banana patch cords. The manufacturers that I know of that do use banana patch cords would be Modcan, Buchla, Serge, and Fenix, but it's definitely not any of those. I'm wondering if it could be a DIY? I don't see a company logo anywhere.

Crap. Now this is gonna bug me.


so, definitely let me know if you figure it out so I can help him get back to sleeping at night.


3:23 PM  
Blogger Pete Shambler said...

Leave it to Matrixsynth to not only have the info, but have an old eBay link for one, too!

I love so much about this machine-- the banana jacks, the decade counter attenuators, the M5 form factor... even the module choices are great. Well done, strange company that no one has ever heard of. Well done.

5:47 PM  

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