Thursday, July 08, 2010

Bootlegs from last week

Here are dictaphone recordings of last week's gigs, both of them equal parts sloppy and fun.

The Science Jerks show was a showcase of equipment failure (a cable that kept shorting out, a guitar that refused to stay in tune), and a bit of a room-clearer, but I think we held true to the premise of the band (it's a concept group, in which Chris and I are time-traveling scientist jerks who wrote all of the Classic Rock cannon, and have come back to play the hits as originally intended) and had a good time. Amazingly, I managed to record our only practice--the day before the show--with real equipment. Look out for a CD-R on Colonial shortly! I had seven "advance" copies with me at the Sidewalk, but they disappeared immediately.

The Motorcycle Money one was on an unbelievably hot day, the first in a string of 'em. I was not feeling great. "Superfan Dave" (New Mexicoe's #1 fan) was in attendance, which was a surprise indeed. The vocals were very low, the guitar was very loud (despite a surprisingly long sound check). My apologies. Our next show will sound better. Still, I like it and thought we did alright.

Thanks to everyone who came out! Enjoy!!

The Science Jerks live at the Sidewalk Cafe, 7/1/10 by Colonial

Motorcycle Money live at Bruar Falls, 7/4/10 by Colonial

(Drums on the Science Jerks set: Casio SK-1. Drums on the last Motorcycle Money song: Korg PSS-50)

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