Saturday, July 23, 2011

New stereo preamp

I found a perfect little tape player for our back porch the other day (wood siding, with matching speakers- $5!) but needed a receiver or some kind of amplifier to boost its signal. Luckily, I had a pair of preamp circuits laying around and some time on my hands, so I built this:

1/16" laser cut acrylic, 6 pieces, no glue or screws. RCA ins and outs on the back, stereo 1/8" I/O on the front, along with ganged stereo volume and power switch/LED for each preamp. I realize this is technically a pair of mono blocks (and not true stereo), but let's all just stop being nerds for a minute and be happy that it works.

The acrylic is clear-- I had to cover the back in masking tape when cutting it, and was surprised to find that I liked the way it looked covered. I'll probably re-cut the housing out of balsa or something equally thin that I can stain to match its tape deck buddy, seen here in their natural habitat:



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