Saturday, December 31, 2011

Speers tape in the wild

We've been on the road for the past couple of weeks, and before we put up a travel Mega-Post, I thought I'd mention first that the Speers cassette can now be found at the following record stores (there are two copies in each):


Academy Annex
Desert Island

Discos Paradiso
Luchador Records (no website yet-- NEW STORE!-- but it's next door to Discos Paradiso)

We'll be stopping by shops here in Chicago this week as well (Logan Hardware and Permanent for sure) and with any luck they'll carry them too. UPDATE: Logan Hardware now has one. These are the only Colonial tapes to be sold in a store ever, aside from the one time our pal Lucas found a copy of the first Iran Contras album in an Oakland Salvation Army. What a score!!

Anyway, if you're near any of the above and are looking for a copy, stop on by. We're pretty much out all 50 at this point, but will have a couple of new tapes out in the coming weeks. Details soon...

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