Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Repair shop talk

Not to completely turn this into a synth prOn blog or nuthin, but here's a photo of the guts of a Doepfer A-110:

This is the second Doepfer VCO I've repaired in as many months (give or take) and have to hand it to old Dieter for squeezing a maximum number of parts onto a single-sided board. That thing is crowded.

On both oscillators (a 110 and a 111), one or more of the legs on the octave switch detached from the board and had to be resoldered. No big deal. But! Because the board is single-sided, the pads for the legs are underneath a jack which is kludgely (new word!) surface mounted over them! Two parts sharing the same real estate-- talk about German efficiency! Clever work, sir.

This has been "Repair Shop Talk with Pete." Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.


Blogger Jess Speer said...

This isn't a a synth pr0n blog?

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