Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sansui RA-700: of questionable value

We have a Sansui RA-700. We bought it for $12.95 on eBay and paid another $7 to have it shipped to us some time ago. It's the stereo spring reverb we got for under $20: it doesn't get much action, and is usually used as a back-up for our occassionally reliable Tapco 4400.

A spring reverb is a spring reverb, but a BX-20 the RA-700 ain't.

In any case, I've recently started looking for another RA-700 to fill out a rack-mount project (similar to this one), and have once again turned to The Bay for help.

I found a handful of them without trouble-- people are looking to unload their RA-700s just as much as they were when I first went looking for one-- only now, no one knows what they should sell for:

Opening bids of $0.99, $24.99, $45.99 and Buy It Now's of $88 and $100! Ridiculous!



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