Friday, July 27, 2007

Children's crusade

Last night on his WFMU program "The Long Rally," DJ Scott McDowell played a track by Lightbulb, a band featuring Thurston/Kim's daughter and Byron Coley's children-- you can stream the show here and check out his blog for more info, though the details are crumbs.

It got me thinking about Old Skull. You know, these guys:

I remember seeing them on "A Current Affair" way back when but cannot find a clip of the interview anywhere. If you can point me towards a link, please do.

My mind then drifted to the photo on the cover of the first Jodi Foster's Army LP-- am I wrong in remembering that JFA were really young when they started out? This video is from 1984, only three years after their first 7" and less than a year after the "Valley of the Yakes" record dropped. They already look, I dunno, almost twenty.

Open thread time: what was your favorite child-band?

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