Thursday, July 19, 2007

How can we get on this bill?

Um, The Yardbirds are playing at Maxwell's on 8/25. It isn't listed on their website, but there are tickets for sale.

This is going to be a stupid question before I ask it because of course they'd want The Shamblers to open for them, but can we start a petition to have The Shamblers open for The Yardbirds? And what are the chances that Jimmy Page (who looks a lot like Gene Ween, come to think of it) is in the group these days? That guy hasn't worked in years!

Also worth noting, The Saints are playing at Maxwell's on 8/4, though, if Perfect Sound Forever is to be believed, they're no longer who they once were:

"Eventually the inevitable happened and the group split, acrimoniously as it turned out, with Bailey continuing to front a group called 'The Saints' to this day, much to Kuepper's chagrin. In partial retaliation, the guitarist later sported a combo called 'The Aints' to show he hadn't entirely lost his acerbic sense of humour with regard to this one."

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