Wednesday, August 22, 2007

We need a new delay pedal

Our trusty Akai Headrush (E1) is finally starting to crap out on us and we need a backup/replacement.

Here's what we need it to do:

  • give at least 500ms of delay

  • self-oscillate on demand

  • run on batteries

  • Things we'd like it to do but can live without:

  • tap tempo (we can always just reach down and turn a knob)

  • low pass filter (there are plenty of mods out there for this)

  • stereo output (I know, I know, but it's always nice as an option)

  • true bypass (again, if we're just talking here...)

  • Finally, we need something that we can take on stage and not be too precious about. We aren't shunning extravagant boutique delays, but don't want to drop a paycheck on something that we wouldn't feel comfortable bringing to a bar.

    Any recommendations??



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