Monday, August 13, 2007

What's the story with the RE-20 pedal?

Has anyone out there gotten a chance to try the new Boss/Roland Space Echo yet? Or, for that matter, can anyone point me to a decent review of the thing? The only ones I can find (on Harmony-Central) make it sound like a $300 miracle and are, as such, completely suspect. An excerpt:

"I think they locked some poor Japanese guy or girl in a room with the original and an electronics kit and they didn't let them see sunlight until it sounded the same in a blind test."

Honest user review? Copy from a guerrilla marketing department? It's anybody's call these days.

I'm looking for the inside scoop from someone who has actually used one in a real world context, specifically as a vocal insert. Does it compare/compete with an RE-201? Does it have more in common with the UAD edition? Without using the word "warm," what does it sound like (is there, say, a YouTube video of one in action)?

I ask because, well, like anyone in the world, I want a Space Echo, but more to the point, I've been seeing second-hand Space Echoes finally dip below the $500 price floor on eBay, with regularity, for the first time ever. Obviously, as with anything on eBay, for every good deal there are twenty bad ones, and even with the more expensive "kept in a climate-controlled, smoke-free velvet box" auctions, nothing is certain. Still, there seem to be more and more RE-201s with Buy It Nows of of less than $550, which should be interesting to anyone who (a) wants one and (b) knows that paying $700 is paying $300 too much.

Are people selling off their tape delays for COSM delays? Is the technology finally there? Is this just a coincidence?

Anyway, I'm curious, so if you know, let me know. Thanks!



Blogger Musicwise said...

I have both, I use the real one in my studio and the pedal for my guitar set up or just messing around. I have to say it's pretty good. My RE-201 has a really old tape on it the pedal doesn't quite capture that. So it doesn't quite saturate as well as you might want. And it won't keep you wanting a real one, but it will assuage that urge a little. And it's a lot of fun anyway...

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