Saturday, September 01, 2007

We have bed bugs, pt. 4

We've had a second wave of bed bugs this past week, which hasn't been fun. We stuck back today, though, and, here's hoping, got rid of 'em for good.

This is what bed bugs look like:

We'd used something that reminded us of "The Stuff" from the movie "The Stuff," which you should all rent immediately, to fill up holes in the floor. You can see it pretty clearly here:

Earlier in the week, we had 5lbs. of diatamaceous earth shipped from in Colorado in and it finally got here yesterday-- it's the heroin looking powder in the photo below. Scary stuff! We had to wear Clinic masks all day just to use it:

Finally, we had to duct tape closed all of the seams on our new plastic encasements, and our bed now looks like some terrifying S&M thing. Our sincere hope is if it does not keep the bugs off of our mattress, it'll at the very least scare the shit out of them:

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