Thursday, January 17, 2008

eBay pick of the day: API 500 filler

API 511D-1

That's it, sandwiched between the 550 and the OSA (what's that Fightin' Irish looking OSA module to the left of the MP-1??).

I love the seller's write-up:

1. Install in lunch box without engaging edge connectors.
2. Listen to mix with client present.
3. Push large white button, sit back and listen
4. Push large yellow button, sit back and listen.
5. Tell your client that the mix with the yellow button sounds best, what does he think

Yes! I've been thinking about painting a Neve logo on my 414 and doing something similar, like "Sure, the computer sounds good, but you know what would sound great? If we recorded on the Neve four track. I hear that's what The Beatles did. They recorded on a cassette four track. On used tape. In a bedroom."



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