Monday, January 14, 2008

The greatest artist of our time

If you were one of the proud few who attended the Movie Night get- togethers a while back, then you're no doubt familiar with my deep love and admiration for the film "Wizard People, Dear Reader," which was directed by Chris Columbus and written by Brad Neely.

Somehow, though, with the exception of his "George Washington" clip, which made the rounds a while back, Neely's animated shorts have flown under my radar, which is a shame because they're unreal and every bit as good as the immortal "WP, DR."

And so, with the understanding that the following link is probably already saved next to Office Naps in your Favorites folder, it is with great excitement that I recommend you click here and visit his page on the Super Deluxe website.

This one is a favorite, but they're all great. Zero exceptions. Enjoy:



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