Friday, May 30, 2008

Just/finally bought "Green Blues"

Picked up a second-hand copy of Matt Valentine and Erika Elder's (out of print? Really?) "Green Blues" CD earlier today. After minimal sleuthing, I found some of their smaller press stuff for cheap, too-- $9 for this one, this one and/or this one. Here are Three MV CDs for $10. This disc is almost at a walloping $12 right now, which, even still, seems like a nice price for a hand-made, edition-of-99 thing.

Record collecting has never been so easy. Remember when things sold out and then they'd be really hard to track down for a while?

Anyway, they're playing at the Knitting Factory on June 12th, and at Johnny Brenda's in Philly the next night. Everyone should go.



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