Wednesday, November 12, 2008

E-V PL77B spotted!

The WFMU blog has a post up about the movie "Ex Drummer," which I am excited to see, and part of the reason has to do with the song playing during the trailer-- Millionaire's cover of "Mongoloid." In the same way that "Daddy Never Understood" made me want to see Kids, or at least pick up the soundtrack (see comments), "Mongoloid" has me hooked.

After minimal YouTube searching, I found the song's scene from the movie and wouldn't you know it-- there's an Electro-Voice PL77B in the shot!

The PL77B is a hand-held electret condenser that Electro-Voice released in the 1980. We've got a couple of them here and they get used a lot-- they were the vocal mics on the "That's We Rapping," "Chinese Sex," "Y'all I'm Impregnated" and "New Visions of Pure Sanity" albums (there's even one on the cover of the cassette edition of "New Visions"), among other odds and ends work in the Colonial catalog. If you find a PL77B for cheap (I think we paid $80 for our pair) I recommend grabbing it. Not the best mic in the world, and its signal breaks up if you hit it too hard, but the top end is brittle in a real trashy way and it takes to distortion better than most. Happy to see one on the big screen!

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