Friday, March 20, 2009

What, me worry?

Like many people (I imagine), I've been keeping my mind off the recession by searching for extravagances on eBay. The way I see it, I maintain a sense of normalcy this way-- "I couldn't afford this thing in 2000, I can't afford it now, so nothing's changed: it's practically still the money making 90s."

This delusion is only helped along by the fact that people are selling off some really impressive pieces of gear to help pay for food.

Take this Telefunken sidecar, with 3x V72s, 2xV72As and 2x V76s, with all the gold plated I/O you'd expect from a rehousing of this caliber. Ich w√ľnsche. $18,000.

Or this Neve RM 8, which I've never even heard of before (is it a slimmed down Kelso?), with its 8x 1084s. No aux sends, no inserts, sure, but it has EIGHT 1084s. $40,000.

How about a pair of Fairchild 660s? Matched for stereo? With sequential serial numbers?? A mere $50,000.

I need a glass of water-- these recession deals have got me flustered!



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