Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shows this weekend and next week

It seems like nothing but show postings around here these days:

The Christian Pirate Puppets-- with special guest Sam (from The Leader) on drums-- are playing a CD-release party at Goodbye Blue Monday this Sunday, headlining a handpicked all-star bill. Ten new songs, based on our favorite no-budget, 90s LA kung fu classic, "For Hire"/"Lethal Ninja" (the movie uses one on the box and the other in the credits). It's going to be insanely good. Plus: it's free! Here's a photo from this evening's run through of the songs-- it's tough to see, but Chris is wearing a homemade "For Hire" t-shirt:

Then, on Wednesday, September 1st, at 7:30, Chris and I will be reprising our roles as The Science Jerks at the Sidewalk Cafe. Classic rock covers, played in the style of Half Japanese, with an entirely new batch of songs for the show!!

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