Thursday, July 03, 2008

Next project-- what should it be?

My Voice of Saturn sequencer kit should be getting here just after the holiday weekend and I can't wait. So much so that I'm already planning out the next soldering project. Here are the options-- which one looks best to you?

  • Voice of Saturn tone generator

  • Thingamakit

  • MFOS Weird Sound Generator

  • Any of the Paia 9700 modules

  • Monome 40h kit (if I can get one)

    ...or any of the BYOC pedals (their multitap delay in particular).

    Have you built any of these machines? Would you recommend one over the other, or, for that matter, anything not on the list above? Note: I'm not a master hobbyist, and I don't know the first thing about programming, so, sadly, SID synth retrofits are out. Pretty much anything else, though, is fair game.

    EDIT: The sequencer kit was just delivered!

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    Blogger Jess Speer said...

    What about that beavis board?

    10:49 AM  

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