Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Switched sequencer control

AAAH! Two synth posts in a row!

I found a used Doepfer A-150 Dual Voltage Controlled Switch a while back for a price that was too good to say no to, but have since been having trouble finding a use for it.

Each half of the module works like this: there is either one output and two inputs, or one input and two outputs, depending on how you patch it, and its common in/output jack is connected to one of the two alternating I/O points whenever it receives a voltage, hence "Voltage Controlled Switch."

Our Sequencer, from the Voice of Saturn line of kits, has a Reset jack which, when connected to the Gate output of a step, shortens the sequence. In other words, the default sequence is a 10-step pattern, but if you connect the Reset to the Step 9 Gate output, it becomes an 8-step pattern, as the pulse from Step 9 resets the sequencer to Step 1.

One application I've come up with for the A-150 is to switch between Reset points on the sequencer, using a combination of a Plan B ELF LFO as a clock for both the Sequencer and the divider, and a Doepfer A-160 Clock Divider to provide control voltage to the Switch.

In this patch, I've set the /16 output of the Clock Divider to switch between the A-150's outputs, which are connected to the Sequencer's Step 5 and Step 9 outputs. The Reset jack is connected to the Switch's input.

What ends up happening is a 4-note sequence plays two times, and an 8-note sequence plays once, as a sort of fill-in. It sounds like this:

If the /32 output is used, the 4-note sequence plays four times, and the 8-note sequence plays twice. If the /64 output is used, the 4-note sequence plays eight times, and the 8-note sequence plays four times.

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