Thursday, August 13, 2009

$750 fuzzbox clone

This is a Univox Super-Fuzz clone that Big City Music is selling. For $750.

To a certain extent, I can understand the gear sluttery that leads to spending $750 on a fuzzbox: you're not buying a sound at that point-- you're getting the prestige that comes from owning a rare thing. And if you don't want it build one yourself, if you don't want to source the parts, etc., paying a bit of a premium for one can make sense. But for a clone-- say, buying a Beano instead of an actual Rangemaster-- it seems excessive to me.

What are the outer reaches of what you'd spend on a piece of gear that you want but probably won't be able to find? Would you be willing to spend pretty much the same amount on a more readily-available clone? Also, does having a Mudhoney EP named after that thing raise or lower its value to you?

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