Friday, July 24, 2009

Band happenings this past week

We had band practices with three different bands this week:

New Mexicoe (Monday. I didn't bring a camera), and Pet Cemetery and Movie Night: The Band! (Wednesday, Thursday), which were dinner party & rehearsal get-togethers-- the best kind!

There might be a Speers rehearsal on Sunday, if we're still awake after Hanging Tender. I'm expecting to either see a lot of devil sticks at that one or none at all. Could go either way.

In any case, Movie Night: The Band recorded a cover of the theme to "Megaforce," Pet Cemetery recorded a bunch of new songs (with vocals!) and New Mexicoe booked its debut show:

TUESDAY, AUGUST 18th at UNION HALL. So far, we've got our friends Totally Dad on the bill. Still waiting to hear from the others-- including a possible SPECIAL GUEST!

More details and a flier for that one next week!!

Also: Chris from Movie Night: The Band! has a new blog that you should check out immediately.



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