Friday, August 14, 2009

Motown Philly

We were in Philadelphia last weekend for a John and Benjamin with The Shamblers rehearsal. While there, Jess' bass (which Contras founder Terry Duvall found on the street in Pittsburgh years ago) finally, officially broke and she somehow found a new one in a thrift store around the corner.

Also, we spied a Shamblers sticker at the Philadelphia Record Exchange! Thanks for putting it up, mystery fan!!

Other updates from this past week:

--The Christian Pirate Puppets dusted off the cobwebs and put together a strong set for our show at Goodbye Blue Monday on August 30th including a NEW SONG!! First CPP show in a year or so and our FIRST NEW SONG IN A WHILE! It's very, very funny. Don't forget: all Goodbye Blue Monday gigs are free. We go on first, around 7pm. Be there!

--Next week's New Mexicoe debut at Union Hall (Tuesday, August 18 at 8pm) got a little writeup in the newest issue of Time Out New York. Granted, it's about Chris Forsyth, but still-- we're the "cheap pick of the week"! Woo hoo!

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