Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Wogglebug is here!!

Our secondhand Wogglebug was delivered to my work address earlier today (thanks Hans!) and I've been counting down the seconds until quitting time since. 40 minutes to go...

The Wogglebug is a lot at once, but at its core it's a random voltage generator, based on the Buchla "Source of Uncertainty," designed and originally released by Grant Richter and his Wiard Synthesizers. I started (slowly) putting together our modular around this time last year and have wanted a Wogglebug in the system from Day One-- very excited to finally have it!

I feel confident in saying that videos are forthcoming. In the meantime, here's a Wiard Wogglebug (essentially two of the Make Noise modules behind a single faceplate), doing its thing:


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