Friday, September 04, 2009

Ludwig Phase II-- how much is too much?

I apologize for the recent spat of "this costs too much!" posts, but there's a Ludwig Phase II on eBay right now with a STARTING BID of $1,8000 (w/ $100 shipping). That's more than double of what it should sell for.

As everyone knows, the Phase II is pretty cool-- it's a phaser, fuzz box and VCF all rolled up in one, with an expression pedal and street cred built right in. It's the famous "Diamond Sea" sound.

Here's Thurston using his on Letterman in 1995:

Question: if you had something either financially or practically irreplaceable that was an important part of your sound, would you take it out of the studio in order to use it live (as Thee Oh Sees do with their Space Echo), or is using something inferior but close-sounding good enough?

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Blogger nate said...

While I'm inclined to say "leave it at home! Don't take it out of the house! Don't even touch it - it could break!", I realize that I fundamentally disagree with the motivation that makes me say that: the collector/preserver/horder in me that wants to make sure my nice things stay nice. Why have a thing at all if I don't use it?
So if what I do is make records then sure, leave it in the studio & make records with it. But if I play live, then take it out! Play it live for all it's worth: carpe diem! And when it's broken, stolen, worn out, or I'm just plain sick of it then let it go. And be greatful for the time I had with it, and everything I enjoyed with it.

Oh, and in the event of loss/theft/damange - try to have a plan B. If you're on tour & playing stadiums, then maybe you ought to even own your plan B. And practice with it sometimes, too. If you're me and you're not in stadiums nightly, then maybe just have the guitar center link bookmarked and a credit card handy. Operators are standing by.

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