Saturday, July 05, 2008

Happy Independence Day

Does anyone know what the proper holiday greeting for July 4 is? Happy Independence Day? Merry July 4th? Does "Happy Holidays" apply? I kept striking out yesterday and want to be better prepared from this point forward.

In any case, our pals Terry and Lindsay were in town from Oregon and helped us ring in the New Ye... er, July 4th celebration in typical Shamblers fashion: playing 221B Baker Street and watching the New Jersey, Manhattan and Coney Island firework shows from our roof.

They taught us how to make a new drink, too, which is apparently sweeping the scene in Portland:

The Ginger Rogers. We don't remember what the proportions were, but it was made with the following:

Ginger beer
Fresh ginger (garnish)

Come back soon you two!

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