Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Colonial fundraising auction

We are raising money to help pay for a slew of new releases on Colonial, and will be putting an out-of-print and otherwise impossible to find copy of The Tender & Vulnerable's "New Visions of Pure Sanity" on eBay tomorrow.

This is a lathe cut LP, pressed in an edition of 40, with a spray painted cover. The T&V was a 60s protopunk cover band, with Ben and I from The Shamblers on drums and organ, Terry from Thee Iran-Contras singing, John and Jon from The JCs on guitar and professional gambler Alan C. on bass. It was recorded live in the summer of 2006 on 4-track in a garage in rural New Hampshire.

Track listing:

Journey To Tyme (by Kenny and the Kasuals)
Little Red Book (by Love)
Suzy Creamcheese (by Teddy and His Patches)
Fluctuation (by Shades of Knight)
I Want To Come Back (From the World of L.S.D.) (by The Fe Fi Four Plus 2)
Get Out Of My Life (by Little Willie & The Adolescents)


L.S.D. (by The Pretty Things)
Love At Psychedelic Velocity (by The Human Expression)
Time Machine (by Satori)
I Never Loved Her (by The Starfires)
Frustration (by The Painted Ship)

Here's an MP3 from the album of "Suzy Chreamcheese." Right-click to save.

The record will come packed with all of the T&V's merch-- our Pink Box pin, our German Tour pin, our Fuzz Tone sticker and our Superbeatle sticker. AND a copy of the album on CD-R.

Tell your friends-- the auction begins tomorrow, Thursday, April 30th, at 9am. HERE IS THE LINK!

In the meantime, enjoy this clip of the T&V in Frankfurt, Summer 2007, covering The Shandells for an audience of three:

EDIT: The auction has begun! Bid away!

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