Friday, June 24, 2011

Radical Dads TONIGHT!

Our friends (including former New Mexicoe bandmate Lindsay Baker), Radical Dads, are playing TONIGHT in Chicago at Memories Bar! Be there!!

(Also-- they were just written up in the New York Times. Whaaaaaaaaat?)

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Photo from after Wednesday's show

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Drone rehearsal

Here's a recording of the patch I will be using at tonight's Lady Rollins performance:

Psycho Dream Factory drone by The Shamblers

A bit sloppy performance-wise, but you get the idea. The patch looks like this:

Hope to see you there!! Things kick off around 8:30/9 at Roxaboxen Exhibitions.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I finally got my hands on a laser

I've been waiting years to make something with a laser! Like most people, my first impulse was to pop a giant bag of popcorn, but since time was short, I cut out my first prototype of a 6U case I've been working on instead, with box joints, spaces removed in the back for a uZeus power supply and I/O for a reverb tank (the driver will be mounted in the rails as a 4HP module).

Being a prototype, I cut it out of scrap cardboard. For the final version--which is still a few revisions away--I'll use something nice. Bamboo maybe. Here's one of the corners from today's version:

I'll be working on this all week and will hopefully have something a little more substantial to show by Friday.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011


We've got a couple of shows lined up in the coming weeks:

Wednesday, 6/22 at Roxaboxen Exhibitions (2130 West 21st St):
Lady Rollins (the same line-up as Odd Sympathy, but with Caroline reading from her new book, Devin on guitar, Jess on feedback-bass and me on modular synth).

Sunday, 7/3 at Silvie's Lounge (1902 W. Irving Park Rd):
The Speers are opening for Huggabroomstik and "a noise band from Detroit" (that's what I was told-- I don't know which one).

Line up:

Zombie Jesus and the Sunshine Band
The Speers
Ouija Boards

Both are either free or very cheap. BE THERE!!

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Patches from the Phonogene manual

We picked up the new sampler module from Make Noise (Phonogene) on Thursday. In an attempt to get better acquainted with it, I've been running through the patch examples listed in the manual. Here are a few of them:

More soon!


Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Pagan Feelings

Our pal and bandmate in New Mexicoe, Motorcycle Money and The Shift, Kyle T., visited over the weekend, prompting us to start a new group called Pagan Feelings. We recorded two songs (below) which will most likely see the light of day as a CDEP on Colonial. Our little label has been on a release-hiatus for the past year or so, but is about to open the flood-gates-- LOOK OUT!).

In the meantime, enjoy:

Chicago - 6/2/2011 by PAGAN FEELINGS

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Sunday, June 05, 2011

We have a garden!

Since we have a yard, which was unthinkable in NYC, we are taking full advantage by planting a little garden. Above, you can see the first flowers on our crazy flower whose name I am ever forgetting. We also have mint (spear & pepper), a lonely basil plant, a recently transplanted pepper plant that a friend planted from seed last year, oregano, rosemary, lavender, something called foxy digitalis (I couldn't resist), collard greens, cauliflower, marigolds, and radishes!

The radishes I am particularly proud of, because they are the only things that survived when I planted seeds the day before our last snow storm of the year (in April, after the warmest day we'd had all year. It's been that kind of spring). Every couple of days, I decide that a couple of radishes are ready to be harvested and eat them. (Pete isn't a fan of radishes). Today, the two that I pulled were completely different colors, so I decided to do a taste test. My hypothesis was that the pink radish would be milder than the red radish, but I was terribly wrong. That pink radish was downright spicy.

Hopefully, one day we'll have pictures of home-grown cauliflowers and collard greens to share, but for now, please enjoy this insanely large store-bought artichoke.