Sunday, November 30, 2008

Doepfer A-102 tests

Here are some quick tests of our new Doepfer A-102 Diode Low Pass filter (VCS3 VCF clone):

Tone source: Plan B ELF LFO square wave

Tone source: Doepfer A-102

Tone source: Plan B ELF LFO ramp wave

Tone source: Doepfer A-102

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Doepfer A-102!

Noisebug sent us this tiny filter:

in this giant box:


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Green Lantern silent auction/party

The Green Lantern in Chicago is having a fundraiser today with live bands, cocktails and a silent auction (details below). Included in the auction is a big lot of Colonial CDs, shirts and 7"s. Get there early, Chicago readers, and bid often! Support the Green Lantern!


To celebrate the path we've laid thus far, to celebrate our first ever
grant from the Illinois Arts Council, to look to the future, The Green
Lantern Gallery is proud to announce its first-ever fundraiser. There
is a host of events in store on November 22nd.

  • From 12 – 9pm, we will hold a silent auction, featuring (among
    others) the works of Michelle Grabner, Carl Baratta, Joe Trupia,,Deb
    Sokolow, Matt Tetzloff, Daniel Anhorn, Jason Dunda, Brain McNearney, Youni Chae, Esteban Schimpf, Samia Mirza, Angee Lennard, Rachel Niffeneger, Lily Robert-Foley, Peter Hoffman, Heather Mekkelson, Young Joon Kwok, Dominique Enriquez, Jerome Acks, Kaylee Rae Wyatt, Jeremy Tinder, Accra Zuberi, Kevin Bright, Gisela Insuaste, Angel Otero, Chris Schreck, Michelle Jane Lee, and Caleb Lyons. Additionally, The Cowgirl Creamery (CA) has donated a gift basket for its artisan cheese, music labels Colonial Recordings (NY) and HeWhoCorrupts (Chicago) have also donated a gift bags with their wares and music.

  • From noon-1:30 there will be a crepe breakfast with mimosas
    (donation suggested).

  • From 6-9 there will be cocktail party to close up the auction
    (donation suggested)

  • From 9-1am there will be a live music show featuring Joan of
    , The Lanterns & lowland. $12 entry fee. $25 includes all you can
    drink bar and music. $30 includes all you can drink bar, music and
    annual membership.

    Except for The Palor on December 2nd, this is our last event of 2008.


  • Wednesday, November 19, 2008

    Doepfer demo: Tonight!

    From the Doepfer list:

    I'm [Nicholas Kent] doing a modular synth demo talk thing about Modular synths in general using a Doepfer system.

    I'm aiming this at a beginning level though I'll hopefully have some good tips for people with a bit of experience too.

    WEDNESDAY, Nov 19th, 9:35 pm (length around 40 minutes) @ Botanica Bar 47 E. Houston Street NYC 10012 (Basement between Mulberry St & Mott St)

    live acts in 2 rooms from 8:30 to at least 1am

    Sounds like fun! I'll be there for the 9:35 bit, at least-- if you're there, say hello!

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    Friday, November 14, 2008

    Photos from the Nov. 1st show, pt. 2

    Thursday, November 13, 2008

    Ring modulator as band pass filter

    Here's a trick I stumbled across-- if you send the same source into the two halves of a ring modulator (in this case, a Frostwave Blue Ringer), it acts like a band pass filter.

    I apologize for the horror movie lighting-- we had a green light bulb left over from Halloween and I couldn't resist. I think it looks like a "Suspiria" blooper, somehow. Enjoy!

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    Wednesday, November 12, 2008

    Photos from Nov. 1st show, pt. 1

    eBay pick of the day: Health Club "Mix Machine"

    Health Club "Mix Machine"

    An 8 channel mixer, with voltage controllable level, panning and low pass filter on each channel! $200, with two days left.

    From the exceedingly great Health Club out of Portland.

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    E-V PL77B spotted!

    The WFMU blog has a post up about the movie "Ex Drummer," which I am excited to see, and part of the reason has to do with the song playing during the trailer-- Millionaire's cover of "Mongoloid." In the same way that "Daddy Never Understood" made me want to see Kids, or at least pick up the soundtrack (see comments), "Mongoloid" has me hooked.

    After minimal YouTube searching, I found the song's scene from the movie and wouldn't you know it-- there's an Electro-Voice PL77B in the shot!

    The PL77B is a hand-held electret condenser that Electro-Voice released in the 1980. We've got a couple of them here and they get used a lot-- they were the vocal mics on the "That's We Rapping," "Chinese Sex," "Y'all I'm Impregnated" and "New Visions of Pure Sanity" albums (there's even one on the cover of the cassette edition of "New Visions"), among other odds and ends work in the Colonial catalog. If you find a PL77B for cheap (I think we paid $80 for our pair) I recommend grabbing it. Not the best mic in the world, and its signal breaks up if you hit it too hard, but the top end is brittle in a real trashy way and it takes to distortion better than most. Happy to see one on the big screen!

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    Monday, November 10, 2008

    M. Thomas Eisenstadt

    Sorry about the recent lack of posts. We're still coming down from our Nov. 1st blow-out at Union Hall with The Tender & Vulnerable and Thee Iran-Contras. It was one for the ages and we'll be posting photos, videos and more soon. (Also, if you were there and took pictures, please get in touch!)

    In the meantime, I just read that someone named Michael Thomas Eisenstadt came forward and claimed to be the source of the "Sarah Palin does not know anything" rumors, even though there's some speculation as to whether or not he exists off the page. His name sure looks like a Scrabble creation, so in a "Sneakers" move, I thought it would be fun to rearrange it and see what I could find...

    ...I recommend you do the same. Go to Anagram Genius and type in either "M. Thomas Eisenstadt," "Michael Eisenstadt" and/or "Michael Thomas Eisenstadt." They're all weirdly appropriate.

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    Sunday, November 02, 2008

    Happy (belated) Halloween!

    "Halloweenie Day" by Das Smarties: