Sunday, May 03, 2009

Colonial fundraising auction, pt. 2

We're putting a second auction up to help fund the next handful of releases on Colonial Recordings USA (new 7"s!!)-- it's an Iran-Contras rarities lot, including:

--"Thee Iran-Contras Were Better," a lathe cut Iran-Contras compilation LP. It has songs from the self-titled tape, as well as the "Ouvrage," "Mr. Pants," "Going Crackers," "Hula Be Gone" and "For Couples Only" albums. Silkscreened cover, #34/40

--the companion CD-R for "...Were Better," "Zealot For Community EP," #34/40

--the first single, "Chatham Nights." Gold vinyl, #152/200

--"Japanese Tour Souvenir" split single with The McDowells. White vinyl, #57/200

--"Lips" t-shirt, white silkscreened on black (Adult Small)

Auction starts... right now! Tell your friends!


And don't forget-- there are still a few days left in the auction for The T&V LP!

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