Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Williamsburg Music Hall: the fanciness

I went to the No Fun Fest on Saturday (big thanks to Scott and Dave for the ticket!) at the Williamsburg Music Hall. That place is fancy!

Northsix--the club previously at the Music Hall's address--was bought and refurbished by The Bowery Presents (who seemingly own every above-ground venue in New York these days). And it shows! This is the board they've installed there (didn't catch the make/model, but woah):

Huge PA columns, two full bars and a deep balcony with tables (think: Bowery Ballroom). Here's a better description, with pictures. Two years old, but still accurate.

Of note for me, Tony from Make Noise was in the basement with a Suitcase full of great modules (from memory, it included: a Doepfer A-119, Livewire AFG, Plan B Model 10, Doepfer A-188-1 (4096 stages), Harvestman Tyme Safari/Sound of Thunder combo, Flight of Harmony joystick, a QMMG and two Wogglebugs!), letting people try them out and generally get excited about modular synthesizers. It was awesome. Nice to meet you, Tony!

In Make Noise gossip: he mentioned that the ModDemod will be re-released as a 6HP unit, with added make-up gain pots and new normalizations. Yes!

Were any of you at No Fun? Stories? Photos? Leave them in the comments!



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